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Winning Pinots: our fabled 2010 Pinot Noir, which won two silver medals in national and international wine competitions and was awarded best red in the 2013 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, has recently run out! We’ve now followed up with our 2011 Pinot Noir VQA Four Mile Creek, which has won a silver medal at the WineAlign National wine competition and, in addition, Best Red in the show at the 2014 Toronto Royal Winter Fair. So we are very pleased that we've been awarded Best Red in the Fair for different wines for two years in a row! Finally, our alluring pure County 2011 Pinot, is actually preferred by a good number of sommeliers because of its lyrical fruit, elegance and resemblance to Burgundian Pinots.

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New Releases and an Exciting Pinot Gris to come: Two new releases! The first, a 2012 Cabernet Franc, with similarities to our 2010 Cabernet Franc, the latter deemed to be “one of the finest Ontario Cabernet Francs to date" by David Lawrason in Toronto Life magazine. The second, a 2012 Riesling, an unusual Riesling with a significant middle and finish, that goes beautifully with many foods. As for wines to come, perhaps the most exciting one will be a sequel to our much missed 2010 Pinot Gris Cuivré which, like the 2010, is an intriguing white wine with a coppery colour, significant body, good complexity and an interesting finish.

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Stanners Vineyard Pinot Noirs win Best Red in Show
for 2 years running at

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Stanners Vineyard is an artisanal, family-owned and operated winery located near the village of Hillier in Prince Edward County. Check out these recent videos from The Wine Portfolio about us.

Aged To Perfection Video Link Tasting the Earth Video Link

These videos by the Wine Portfolio Group Inc. are Jody Ness interviewing Cliff and Colin Stanners. Jody visits vineyards around the world for his Wine Portfolio show on CNBC World. We are pleased and honoured that he chose to visit our vineyard to make these videos for his show.


Cliff and Colin Stanners

Stanners Vineyard is a family venture that began in 2003 with the purchase of a parcel of farmland near the village of Hillier in Prince Edward County. The "terroir", that is, the soil, terrain and weather, seemed ideal for our quest to produce a Pinot Noir that would be the rival of any in the world. We love Pinot Noir, making this quest a pleasure as well as a challenge. It is believed that the best Pinot Noir is made from grapes grown in the most northerly terroir that can actually produce and ripen the grape. Prince Edward County is indeed a northerly location and the moderating influence of Lake Ontario which surrounds us makes grape growth and ripening possible. It also boasts the calcareous, limestone-riddled soils that are highly reminiscent of those in Burgundy, the home of world-renowned Pinot Noir wines. Our goal, however, is not to imitate Burgundy, but to bring out the best characteristics that our terroir can instill in the wine that it yields.


barrels of pinot noirs at Stanners Vineyard

Our winery was built in the summer of 2009, using the unique Straw Bale construction method for our barrel room, which offers excellent insulation for maintaining temperature equilibrium. Ours is the first Straw Bale winery east of the Rockies! After having inhabited the space for five years now, we are very pleased with our "above ground cellar". You will see how delightfully the light plays off the rounded window wells in the beautiful, thick, dove grey walls. Plus, the barrel room offers excellent acoustics should you feel inclined to break into song on tasting our delectable wines!