Winery Hours

May 1 to Nov 1, daily 11AM to 6PM
Nov 2 to Dec 15, daily 11AM to 5PM
Jan 1 to Apr 30, Sat & Sun 11AM to 5PM
Otherwise by appointment.

Stanners Vineyard Tank Room


Barrels at Stanners Winery


The Winemaking

wine barrelColin and Cliff Stanners both have scientific backgrounds which serve them well both in the vineyard and in the winery. Colin is our winemaker and brings to the task his previous experience in producing red wines, especially Pinot Noir, while living in the coastal wine region of California near San Francisco. Our winemaking philosophy is to strive for a clear expression of all the flavour components present in our grapes. All procedures, regardless of difficulty, are focused on getting the best and truest wines from our terroir. Using our extensive scientific experience, we are constantly experimenting with variations of technique in order to achieve this.







The Winery

Barrels in the wineryThe winemaking is carried out in an interesting winery built in our vineyard in 2009. The winery consists of two large rooms, a barrel room and a tank room. The barrel room has two feet thick walls made from straw bales, giving it outstanding thermal and sound insulation and making it unique in Eastern Canada. Aside from being ecologically desirable, the barrel room has a peaceful serenity conducive to the appreciation of fine wines. For more on the benefits of straw bale construction, visit

Strawbale interior of stanners winery

We have been heartened by the excellent quality and originality of our Pinot Noir produced to date. The fruit tastes are beautiful and complex and balanced with lively acidity and smooth tannins. Wine aficionados including "pinotphiles" have shared our enthusiasm. Our white wines, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris, have also turned out to show excellent balance, with the fruit flavours, minerality and acidity expected for cool climate whites. The Chardonnays, for example, resemble those produced by the Chablis region of Burgundy, France. We have already established characteristic fruit signatures for our wines and, as the vines mature, the wines are becoming even more appealing, making them a sought after feature of Prince Edward County.