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Free delivery is available to most locations in Ontario for orders of 6 or more bottles. For orders of 1-5 bottles, the delivery cost will depend on your location but, as a rough guide, it will cost about $14.00 to ship them to you in Toronto or Ottawa. We will confirm the delivery price with you at the time of your order. Orders of 6 or more bottles of different kinds also enjoy free delivery.

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Pinot Noir


2014 Pinot Noir VQA Prince Edward County           NEW RELEASE


The grapes used to make our 2014 County Pinot Noir were 83% from our estate vineyard and 17% from a nearby vineyard in the County. 2014 was a great vintage, as the weather conditions gave us slow, steady ripening throughout the season, with a beautiful September to develop concentrated flavours in the grapes. Our traditional approach with minimal handling in the winery has resulted in a wine that reflects the County terroir – intense and bright cherry and blackberry flavours, good minerality and finely balanced acidity. Its complexity allows for pairing with many foods, from salmon and cheese soufflé to lamb or duck.


Intervin International Awards – Silver Medal



575 cases produced


2014 Pinot Noir Barrel Select VQA Prince Edward County   NEW RELEASE


The grapes for this special wine came entirely from our estate vineyard. We chose our favourite barrels from the great 2014 vintage and the resulting wine has more complex fruit flavours of cherry and blackberry and more tannin than our regular 2014 Pinot, giving an exceptionally long, elegant finish. The wine is unfiltered and our non-interventionist winemaking method allows the characteristics of our vineyard terroir to better emerge. We are very pleased to offer this distinctive wine from one of our best vintages to date.




400 cases produced

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Cabernet Franc


2013 Cabernet Franc VQA Prince Edward County


This wine was made with grapes from a single vineyard in Prince Edward County and follows the style established in our 2010 and 2012 Cab Franc wines with rich complex fruit followed by an exceptionally deep, satisfying and long lasting tannic finish. In this case the fruit has overtones of cherry and pomegranite and the balance of the fruit with the natural acidity and complex tannins in the finish is outstanding. Our winemaker, Colin, feels that this is the best Cab Franc he has ever made and, judging from initial reactions of varied tasters, it seems that he is right! This wine sold out in record time!





125 cases produced
$25/bottle             SOLD OUT

      Stanners Vineyard 2012 Cabernet Franc VQA Vinemount Ontario




2014 Stanners Vineyard Riesling           NEW RELEASE


This Riesling was made with 70% of the grapes from a single vineyard in the Lincoln Lakeshore sub-appelation of Niagara and 30% from a single vineyard in Prince Edward County. Their vinification was somewhat unusual in that after fermenting to dryness, the wine was left on the fine lees for a year in a stainless steel tank. This exposure has imparted some toastiness to the basic fruit flavours of apple and lime. The result is an intriguing dry Riesling with a unique blend of flavours that sets it apart from the usual wines of this genre.






195 cases produced

       Stanners Vineyard 2014 Riesling




2014 Chardonnay VQA Prince Edward County


2014 is one of our favourite vintages to date, as the weather conditions were ideal for steady ripening during the summer, followed by a warm day/cool night Fall pattern allowing the grapes to develop concentrated and complex flavours. The wine was barrel fermented in French Burgundian oak and one barrel of Canadian oak, and has pleasing acidity and minerality underlying bright apple, citrus and vanilla flavours. Malolactic fermentation was partially completed, giving a nice balance of butteriness with freshness and acidity.


This wine has enjoyed unbridled praise from several wine critics including John Szabo. He wrote: “There's a marvellously stony, reductive, Puligny-like (Burgundian) pure expression of limestone in this chardonnay, with no holds barred and no concessions made to easy commercial appeal. The palate is tight, perhaps even with a touch of residual sugar, but it works here in the rivetingly acid milieu….. Distinctive, and very promising for the future of this site.”
John Szabo, MS – 89pts

Wine Align National Wine Awards                                 Gold Medal


205 cases produced
$30/bottle           SOLD OUT

       2014 Stanners Vineyard Chardonnay VQA PEC

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Pinot Gris


2014 Pinot Gris cuivré VQA Prince Edward County


This wine was made with grapes from our own and one other County vineyard. The wine has a beautiful copper colour which comes from leaving the skins in contact with the juice for 24 hours prior to pressing and starting the fermentation. This technique has resulted in a wine with added complexity and a touch of tannins. It’s a wine style that dates back about a thousand years but is now very uncommon. Nevertheless, it is our favourite way of making Pinot Gris!  In this case, the resultant wine is dry with balanced acidity and enticing flavours of pink grapefruit and orange. There is an intriguing counterbalance between the perceived sweetness of the fruit flavours at the beginning and the pleasant acidity of the finish.




230 cases produced

$25/bottle    SOLD OUT

       2014 Stanners Vineyard Pinot Gris cuivré VQA Prince Edward County

2015 Pinot Gris cuivré


This represents a small batch of our much loved, beautifully copper – coloured, version of Pinot Gris, derived from leaving the skins in contact with the juice for 24 hours before pressing and starting the fermentation. The skin contact imparts fruit complexity and some tannin to the wine resulting in a surprisingly complex finish which follows delicious subtle and gentle citric fruit flavours. The small size of the batch is due to losses incurred by a late Spring frost but the surviving grapes were exceptional. A unique Pinot Gris with a complex signature.




35 cases produced

$27/bottle    SOLD OUT

       2014 Stanners Vineyard Pinot Gris cuivré VQA Prince Edward County

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